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Pacific Island Fringe Hammock

Deluxe Pacific Island Fringe Hammocks 

  • Deluxe Design: Comfortable bed for napping or sleeping 
  • Spreader bar hammock: For indoor and outdoor
  • Natural tone: Ecrue 
  • Hammock Weight capacity: Single - 530lbs. &  Family - 650lbs  

This hammock is an inspiration of the Pacific Islands. The coastal hammock is handcrafted and hand twisted with 100% natural and unbleached cotton rope. The comfortable hammock bed is decorated with handmade macramé and crocheted art. 

The hammock is handmade with 3-ply hand twisted natural cotton rope and uses thousands of yards of high quality cotton for greater comfort, strength and support. The soft hand twisted rope and the handmade open weave of the hammock create the sensation of sleeping on top of a cloud. Our extremely high quality and comfort is supported by thousands of hand twisted yarns along the hammock’s bed. The hammock's contour adapts comfortably to the body's shape and provides support without stressing the body. The two spreader bars hold the hammock bed open, making it easy to get in and out. 

Our hammocks relieve tension, provide pain relief and are recommended for people with back problems, and stressful lives. People with these types of problems can even replace their own beds for our extremely soft and comfortable handmade cotton hammocks. 

Personalized Hammock with Custom Name is Available. See details

Single - Pacific Island Hammock 

  • Total length: X-L, approx. 151" from ring to ring
  • Bed size: Approx. 99"LX43"W
  • Weight capacity: 530 lbs. and accommodate 1-2 people
  • Bed threads: 4,800 cotton yarns along the hammock bed
  • Construction: 27,300 yards of cotton yarn + fringes
  • Border dimensions: Approx. 99”LX8”W borders + 8” fringe
  • Clew size: 26”Length
  • Spreader bar dimensions: 1 5/8"DX36”L  and 24 holes per bar
  • Hanging distance: 12’-7” to 14’-7”
  • Total-weight: 10lbs.4 Ounces

Family- Pacific Island Hammock 

  • Total length: XX- L. Approx. 176" from ring to ring     
  • Bed size: Approx. 116"LX47"W
  • Weight capacity: 650 lbs with 2 adults and a child
  • Construction: Using 37,800 yards cotton yarn + fringes
  • Bed threads: 5,600 twisted cotton yarns along the hammock bed
  • Border dimensions: Approx. 116”LX8”W borders + 8” fringe
  • Clew Size: 30”Length
  • Spreader bar dimensions: 1 5/8"DX41.5”L and 30 holes per bar
  • Total weight: 13lbs. 6 Ounces
  • Hanging distance: 14’- 7” to 16’-7”

Hammock - Additional Specification 

  • Design details: Hand-woven bed with 2 sustainable wooden spreader bars, 2 macramé clews, 4 handmade tassels & 2 crocheted borders 
  • Material: 3-ply, high quality 100% unbleached hand twisted cotton rope. Each rope has 12 yarns count per rope & prevent body pressure & skin marks
  • Bed: Stretches to 110"-115" or more
  • Spreader bars: Sustainable wood from well managed forestry
  • Spreader bars countersunk holes: Eliminate rope friction     
  • Bar finish: Eco-friendly non-toxic insect repellent seal coats 
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel hardware: Included 
  • Handmade in: El Salvador by Elivana
  • Care: Hand wash or machine wash delicate cycle, use lukewarm water and dry in direct sunlight 
  • Machine wash: Follow special instructions
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Returns and Exchange: New and unused items for a refund or exchange within 30 days of delivery 


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XL Single Size Hammock Package

Weight: 5.63 kg (12lbs. 6 oz)
Dimensions: 98cm(L)X22cm(W)X14cm(H) 

XXL Family Size Hammock Package 

Weight: 6.48 kg (14lbs.4 oz) 




XL     XXL    


S. & N. A

5-9 d

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C. A.

5-9 d

$  49. $  54.


CAR Islands

5-9 d

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3-6 w

$  88. $  99.



5-9 d

$148. $168.



5-9 d

$182. $205.



5-9 d

$104. $116.

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