About us


Elivana Accents products are designed and handcrafted in El Salvador by artisans whose craftsmanship and techniques have been perfected over centuries in Central America. The tradition is faithfully preserved. Each piece of our collection is unique and individually made using techniques and skills practiced by only few. The products are all handmade featuring hand-woven, hand macramé, hand crocheted and hand-dyed. Our productions are designed and developed to suit the traditional style of relaxed casual living

Our Mission

Elivana Accents has been creating jobs for the local artisans in the rural villages of El Salvador since 2005, helping to break the cycle of poverty, increasing income for the survival of lower income families and preserve the cultural heritage that make each culture unique. We are proud to share with the world the magnificent ancient techniques of the Central American culture. We combine our designs skills with our artisan ancient techniques using environmental sustainable materials. Our artisans put their heart and soul in every product using eco-friendly materials from well managed sources. We are committed to work with sustainable materials to preserve the ecosystem for future generations. 

We work hand by hand with our artisans in all process of the design. The company provides the artisans with all resources, promoting their full potential with the trade and digital enterprises.


Specializes in handmade home furnishing from Central America and offers exclusive hand-woven hammocks, swing hammock chairs, hammock accessories, fabrics, drapes, pillows, blankets, table linens, trims, wallpaper and home accessories. 

ELIVANA ACCENTS: Is an exciting source of exclusive home furnishings.