Nicaraguan Princess Hammock


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    The Nicaraguan Princess hammock is the most elegant and luxurious hammock for  outdoor and indoor spaces. The deluxe hammock is handcrafted with unbleached hand twisted natural cotton rope and uses thousands of yards of high quality unbleached cotton yarn a long the hammock's bed. The hand-woven hammocks' open weave create the sensation of sleeping on top of a cloud. 

    The hammock's contour adapts comfortably to the body's shape and provides support without stressing the body.  Our hammocks relieve tension, provide pain relief and are recommended for people with back problems, and stressful lives. 

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      Single Nicaraguan Princess Hammock 

      • X-Large: Approx.151"--ring to ring
      • Bed size: Approx 99"L X 43"W The wide side stretches
      • Handmade: 27,300 yds of cotton yarn
      • Borders: Approx 99” L X 16"W 
      • Clew size: 26”Length
      • Bar dimensions: 1 5/8"D X 36”L 
      • Weight capacity: 530 lb & accommodate 1-2 people 
      • Hammock total weight: 10 lb 4 oz
      • Hanging distance: 12’-7” to 14’- 7”

      Family Nicaraguan Princess Hammock 

      • XX-Large: Approx.176"L ring to ring  
      • Bed size: Approx 116"L X 47"W The wide side stretches
      • Handmade: 37,800 yds of cotton yarn
      • Borders: Approx. 116”L X 16”W 
      • Clew Size: 30”Length
      • Bar dimensions: 1 5/8"D X 41.5”L 
      • Weight capacity: 650 lb & accommodate 2 adults + a child
      • Hammock total weight: 13 lb 6 oz
      • Hanging distance: 14’- 7” to 16’-7”

      Hammocks - Additional Specifications

      • Design: Hand-woven bed with 2 sustainable wooden spreader bars, 2 macramé clews, 4 handmade tassels and crocheted border fringes 
      • Material: 100% USA cotton yarn. Each hand twisted rope has 12 yarns count per rope & prevent body pressure & skin marks
      • Color: Unbleached natural tone
      • Spreader Bars: Each bar has 24 -30 countersunk holes to eliminate rope friction. Sustainable wood from well managed forest. Finished with Eco-friendly clear non-toxic seal coats. 
      • Galvanized steel hardware: Included 
      • Handmade in: El Salvador by Elivana 
      • Care: Follow product care instructions
      • Warranty: 1 year
      • Returns & exchange: New items -- within 30 days of delivery 

      FREE SHIPPING! Americas Continent Only

      Free Ship: Americas Continent: 2-3 weeks
      Ship charges:
       EU, AS, AF, OC: 2-4 weeks

      XL Single Size Hammock Package

      Pkg weight: 5.63 kg (12 lb 6 oz)
      Pkg dimensions: 39"L X 9"W X  6"H 

      XXL Family Size Hammock Package 

      Pkg weight: 6.48 kg (14 lb 4 oz) 
      Pkg dimensions: 43"L X 10"W X 6"H 

      Hammocks Delivery Available Worldwide