Eco-Friendly Dye Hammocks and Swings

  • Shop for the best hammocks and swings : Ayurvastra “Healing with touch”
  • Going back to natural color: Ombre and tie dye with Eco-friendly Indigo dye.
  • Designs: Hand-dye, hand-woven bed, macramé clews, fringe and spreader bars
  • Indigo dye properties: Antiseptic, anti-allergen, antimicrobial, insect repellent and cooling effects
  • Material: 3-ply, hand twisted 100% unbleached cotton rope which prevents body pressure
  • Spacious area: Comfortable hammock with plenty of room to lay in any direction
  • Comfortable hammocks and swings are suitable: backyard, deck, terrace, patio, porch, garden, beach house and indoor spaces



Hanging Hammock Chair For Indoor And Outdoor
Hammock Chair
Best indoor and outdoor hammock for 2021 . Handmade and hand dye  with indigo plant insect repellent